As Garden Designers in Leeds, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers get the perfect garden and landscape design. Based on our years of experience we have created our own unique Garden Questionnaire, to help us find out exactly what type of garden design and landscape you want. The questionnaire is designed to help break through the jargon and get to the core of what is important to you, about your garden. Please complete as many sections below as you can as this information will help us create your perfect garden and outdoor space.

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1: How do you want to use your garden (e.g. sunbathing, socialising, play area)?
2a: How often do you use your garden now?
2b: How would you like to use your garden in the future?
3: What practical features must be included in your new garden (e.g. access to front garden, shed, play area, washing line, concealed rubbish bins)?
4: What features do you want retained for your new garden?
Trees (state which):
Features (e.g. statuary, pond - state which):
Practical items (e.g. rotary washing line):
5a: Who will be responsible for your new garden?
5b: How much time would this person be happy to spend maintaining your garden?
5c: How would you describe this person's level of expertise?
6: Do you like any particular styles of gardens?
Cottage Garden
Formal Garden
Classic English
Other (please state):
7a: How do you want your new garden to feel?
Informal Formal
Neighbourly Intimate
Exciting/Fun Calming
Enclosed Spacious
Familiar Cutting Edge
7b: Are there any other words you would use to describe the character
of your new garden? Is it important it should blend in with your house or neighbourhood?
8: What are your favourite colours (perhaps already used for house interior)?
9: What are your favourite areas of the garden currently? Why?
10: Do you have any favourite trees or plants you would like included in your garden?
11: What made you decide you needed a garden design or gardening advice?
12: Are there any legal restrictions on your land, boundaries or trees, e.g. covenants, tree preservation orders or rights of way?
13a: Do you have cordial relations with your neighbours?
13b: How important is privacy/not being overlooked to you?
14: What is your approximate budget for this work?
Immediately (£)
Long Term (£)
15: How soon do you want the work to be completed?
16: How soon do you want the garden to look mature?
17: Do you expect to carry out the practical work yourself or to bring in a contractor?
18: When would you like us to come back to you?

Leeds Garden Design Questionaire Image 10